How to Download & Install Mobile Spy Free App

About Mobile Spy Free

Mobile Spy Free is another app that provides free spying features. You can use this app for spying on someone’s cell phone for free. This app can be used for parental control, monitoring employees as well as catching a cheating spouse.

Download & Install Mobile Spy Free on Android
Download & Install Mobile Spy Free on Android

Download Mobile Spy Free (Mobile Spy APK File) on Android (version 1.0)

Download Mobile Spy Free App

Steps to Spy on Android phones

You need to manually install the spying application into their phone. Follow some steps below:

Step 1: Download Mobile Spy Free

First, you need to access the target phone and download Mobile Spy Free app on the phone.

Download Mobile Spy Free App

Step 2: Install & Register Account

After downloading, install the app and register your account (email/password). Once the setup is done hide the application.

Step 3: Log in to Control Panel

Now, all you need to do is log in at from the web and spy on the target cell phone for free.

Features of Mobile Spy Free

Features of Mobile Spy Free
Features of Mobile Spy Free

All the features are easily available in this single application. Here we will discuss each feature and show you how to use it.

Call recording

By this feature, you can see all the call recordings, even the small details like duration, and if the other person has changed the contact name. You can also know the conversation in real-time. So basically, everything will be notified whenever changes are made on the victim’s phone.

Ambient listening

Through the GPS tracker, you can listen to the sounds related to the victim and the discussions made by him.

Check over instant messengers

In this GPS tracker person can check up on all the messages and discussions which are done via text messages, WhatsApp, skype, or any other social media sites. Also, the person can perform real-time conversation with the other person globally.

Checking of contacts

This feature is quite amazing as in this feature; you can check up on the victim’s contacts even if they are deleted.


In case if the victim’s mobile phone is switched off, then also you can access it easily. It also allows you to know the entire secret passwords on his phone.

Track on messages

You can check all the messages of the victim’s phone, even if it is deleted. You can also know the name and the time duration on which the victim has messaged the other person and what exactly the message is.

Check on social media sites

As you all know, no, that’s social media sites are the most significant secret keeper platform, where you can get all the information about the user. With the GPS tracker, you can check the doings of the victim on any social media app such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Hike, line, etc.

Know the browsing history

The GPS tracking app will notify you when the victim visits a particular website and what all URLs he is entering. Also, all the browsing data which has been deleted from his history. Even, you can know when a photograph is being clicked from his phone and posted on social media sites.

Additional features

You can lock your personal information in cases where the mobile gets stolen so that there is no illegal use of the data. In this way, your data is safe with you only.

No jailbreak needed

You don’t need any break even if you are an iPhone user because all the versions support the GPS tracker, and you can easily install it on your device.


These are some of the free spying apps that work to spy on a cell phone. If you are planning to spy on a cell phone for the first time, try these free spying apps – Mobile Spy Free.